Top 10 Best Tuition Centres in Singapore 2023

The education system in Singapore is widely known as being fiercely competitive. As a result, enrolling in tutoring centres is a must to gain a competitive edge.

Due to the high demand for tutoring, numerous learning centres are opening up throughout Singapore. They offer both home-based learning and in-person schooling with diverse teaching material.

Fret not! Just get your notes ready!

We will round up 10 top-ranking tuition centres in Singapore with all details about their teaching approaches and contact information.

Thereby, you will find the perfect fit to ensure your kid receives the best education opportunities and unlocks their full talents.

Overview Of 10 Best Tuition Centres In Singapore

Before diving into each tutoring centre, let’s go through their basics!

Tuition CentresTeaching LevelsSpecialized SubjectsTuition FeeNumber of Locations in SingaporeExperience Years
The Learning LabPreschool, Primary, Secondary, Junior CollegeEnglish (General Paper)
Math for preschool to JC level
Science for Primary to Secondary level
$370 to $504 per month9 branches18 years
AGrader Learning CentrePre-Primary, Primary, SecondaryEnglish, Mathematics, Science, Creative WritingS$155 to  S$250 per month17 branches10 years
The Edu ExperiencePrimaryEnglish, Mathematics, Science, 3D Design, Creative Writing, ICT SkillsS$175 to  S$265 per month
1 branch<10 years
Everyday TuitionPrimary, SecondaryEnglish, Math, Science, ChineseStarting from $99 per month depending on the level2 branches>10 years
EduFirst Learning CentrePre-Primary, Primary, SecondaryEnglish, Maths, Science, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, HumanitiesS$140 to S$240 per month15 branches12 years
True Learning CentrePrimary, Secondary, Junior CollegeEnglish, Math, Science$150 to $350 per month3 branches13 years
Aspire HubLower Primary, Upper Primary, Lower SecondaryEnglish, Chinese, Math, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Economics for JC level$220 to $400 per month17 branches23 years
Mavis Tutorial CentrePrimary, Secondary, Junior CollegeEnglish, Maths, Chinese, Science $163.85 to $326.35 per month15 branches
37 years
Math Science GuruPrimary, SecondaryMath, ScienceTuition fees are available upon enquiry1 branch>20 years
Stag Match Education (SMET)All levelsLanguage, Science, Maths, RoboticsTuition fees are available upon enquiry12 branches23 years
Science Studio Learning LabPre-primary, PrimaryScience for primary level$70 to $85 per session3 branches> 10 years

10 Top-Rated Tuition Centres In Singapore

Have you already got a clear idea of each tuition centre’s features? If so, let’s see why they are preferred by most Singaporean parents.

The Learning Lab

Top tuition centres in Singapore - The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is one of the oldest tuition centres in Singapore

The Learning Lab, boasting 18 years of experience, is one of Singapore’s leading providers of academic tutoring and enrichment services for all ages.

They are committed to providing teaching methodology that not only encourages kids’ curiosity in learning but also fosters the right skills to manage exams and life’s challenges

Notably, this centre uses curriculum-aligned teaching materials thoroughly researched and developed by academic professionals to meet students’ learning needs

The Learning Lab prides itself on the achievement of guiding students with the top results in national exams.

AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre

Agrader supports its students at all times through its unique online system

AGrader Learning Centre, founded in 2013, is one of Singapore’s most well-known chains of comprehensive tutoring centres providing multi-disciplinary programmes.

The experienced teachers at AGrader Learning Centre pay special attention to building up students’ self-confidence and nurturing their love of learning.

The best part is its exclusive Everloop Improvement System offered them free after-class help in addition to the weekly courses.

Besides, additional worksheets, thorough learning videos, and on-demand revision sessions are all available to Agrader students to revise and improve their studies.

Agrader has helped over 20,000 students islandwide thus far, with an improvement rate of over 83.4%.

The Edu Experience

Top tuition centres in singapore - The Edu Experience

The Edu Experience was born with the mission of spreading the joy of learning and driving innovative learning pedagogies. This is one of the best tuition centres in Singapore.

The centre’s curriculum is designed and continually updated by many specialists with extensive experience and skills including former MOE teachers and professional educators in the field of education.

What sets The Edu Experience apart from others is its application of cutting-edge technology in every teaching program.

The centre partners with Samsung to equip every classroom with high-tech tools to digitally share knowledge, make ideas visible, and develop exciting, interactive lessons to engage students.

The Edu Experience encourages self-directed learning and facilitates student collaboration. This way, students can make the best use of their potential to grow, explore and learn.

Everyday Tuition

Everyday Tuition

Personalized learning style grants students the freedom to develop

Everyday Tuition is highly renowned for its teaching team including qualified teachers with Ph.D. degrees, former MOE teachers, or teachers with achievements.

Everyday Tuition offers online, one-on-one, and small-group teaching. Students are free to select the educational style and environment they desire. The teachers at the centre assess each student’s preferred learning style and tailor their lessons accordingly.

This personalised learning methodology sets Everyday Tuition unique and gives students the academic support to unlock their full potential.

All classes in Everyday Tuition are held in a fun and supportive learning environment that inspires students to study and get the best grades they can.

EduFirst Learning Centre

Top tuition centres - EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Center proves its prestige through multiple awards

EduFirst Learning Centre is a top-ranking tuition and student care centre in Singapore. It has received various awards, most notably four times winning the “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools” award.

The centre’s qualified instructors and tutors make sure that the curriculum is up to date and meets MOE criteria.

The best thing is that EduFirst offers a free homework clinic, which assists busy working parents who lack time to help their children with homework.

With pride itself on its dedication to personalized teaching, EduFirst Learning Centre is regarded as one of the top tuition centres in Singapore

True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre has a strong certified teacher team

If you are seeking flexible extra study help for your children, True Learning Centre is an ideal solution thanks to its 24/7 academic support for all students.

The centre is always ready to offer its students assistance with their schoolwork at any time of day or night.

Furthermore, all of True Learning Centre’s teachers are NIE-trained with years of experience. Many of them are holding the award-winners of the President’s Award for Teachers, Outstanding Science Teacher Award, and Caring Teacher Award.

With dedicated support, True Learning Centre has a solid reputation for valuing its students first and helping them overcome difficulties in their learning endeavours.

Aspire Hub

Aspire Hub

Looking for something more than a study centre? Aspire Hub is the place to be as its slogan “We don’t just teach, we coach”.

Aspire Hub, found in 2001, offers academic and non-academic training with life skills programs for up to 10,000 students and teachers every year.

Besides, its coaches also provide a personalized teaching approach to make sure that a student is given a program that fits their personality and learning strategies.

With over 20 years of experience, Aspire Hub is without a doubt one of the best tutoring systems in Singapore.

Mavis Tutorial Centre

Top tuition centres - Mavis

Mavis Guidance Center has been here for a long time since 1986. It has become a word-of-mouth name among Singapore parents.

Most of Mavis’s tutors are former teachers who have extensive experience in the subjects they teach. 

Moreover, tutors also provide extra sessions before important tests. Students can gain skills in critical thinking and application for solving problems instead of regurgitating textbook knowledge.

With over 30 years of experience, the centre has supported many students scoring 6 in the GCE-O Level Examination.

Mavis Tutorial Centre has earned the trust of Singaporean parents thanks to its value-for-money teaching service.

Math Science Guru

Math Science Guru

As its name suggests, Math Science Guru specializes in teaching Math and Science courses to primary and secondary students.

This centre has the sole teacher at its entire helm, Mr Allen with over 20 years of teaching experience. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 3-5 students to ensure that each student receives Mr. Allen’s complete attention.

In addition, he gives occasional intensive crash sessions over many weeks to assist students prepare for the upcoming semester and exams. 

Despite being a one-man operation, Mr. Allen’s pedagogy has proven effective with over 3,000 students have graduated under his instruction.

So if your child needs urgent tutoring, feel free to contact Mr. Allen to schedule a free 90-minute trial lesson.

Stag Match Education (SMET)

Established in 2001, Stag Match Tuition Centre is an award-winning education company that gives various tuition and enrichment courses for students of all ages.

They provide a range of extracurricular activities, such as robotics and coding, that teach children computer programming, STEM, and computational thinking in a hands-on environment.

The centre is committed to developing your child’s creative thinking and analytical skills, with a curriculum that keeps up with the ever-changing educational system.

Science Studio Learning Lab

Science Studio Learning Lab

Science Studio Learning Lab is a great centre for experiencing science experiments

Science Studio Learning Lab focuses solely on the Science subject.

What makes Science Studio Learning Lab stand out from the crowd is the hands-on experiments and innovative mini-projects that allow kids to learn with a free mind. This helps them unleash their creative potential.

Under the direction of Mr. Chong with years of experience teaching at top MOE schools and the Gifted Education Program (GEP), the centre has created an engaging learning environment for students.

Science Studio Learning Lab aims to equip your children necessary tools as well as lots of tenacity to conquer every obstacle.

Wrapping Up

There are surely plenty of options out there, but our cherry picks of 10 top tuition centres are leading the way in tutoring services in Singapore.

They ensure quality output and help your children access the best learning and development environment to achieve their study goals.

However, even if children take extra study assistance, parents always remember to ensure a comfortable learning environment for them. Combining study and rest for the best results possible.

Happy studying!

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